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Magnets that make a difference

With 30 years of experience, we stand as experts in magnets and magnet systems, assemblies, and sensor technology. As an engineering partner, we develop tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry, e-mobility, energy, and medical technology. We not only design these solutions but also manufacture them, offering Swiss quality at competitive prices.

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Expertise across all industries

Precision tailored to your needs

Leveraging our extensive know-how, we specialize in meeting the ever-increasing demands for the properties and capabilities of magnets and magnet systems. We design custom individual products and systems precisely aligned with our clients’ needs—highly functional and durable. Our in-house laboratories and stringent quality controls ensure sustainable quality, guaranteeing precision in every solution we deliver.

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Enhanced performance at significantly lower cost

In all high-speed and high-performance electric machines, the generation of eddy currents in the magnet mass is a major cause of heat production and losses. We have developed a new magnet design that significantly reduces these eddy current losses.

Tailored perfection for your needs

Magnet expertise across all industries

As specialists in magnets, we understand the escalating demands for their properties and capabilities. Our extensive know-how and engineering expertise enable us to develop custom magnets and magnet systems precisely tailored to our clients’ needs. With our production sites in Malaysia and China, stringent quality management, and sophisticated logistics, we assure not only the highest quality but also precise and efficient delivery.

Support at every level

Custom assemblies

Integrating magnets into assemblies and systems is a complex task. We provide comprehensive support to our clients through every step. From calculations and simulations, to development consulting, and even managing the entire manufacturing process: Our extensive technical know-how, development and design support, global testing laboratories, and years of experience culminate in one outcome – your assembly, envisioned in ways you might not have considered before.

Tailored solutions for diverse applications

Soft magnetic materials

The unique magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials make them ideal for a wide range of applications, especially in critical areas like renewable energy and electromobility. Depending on the specific application, various concepts can be pursued. We offer a range of solutions to meet these needs: strips, composite materials, ferrite cores. Focusing on customized solutions in this product area allows us to optimally fulfill our clients’ requirements.

Guaranteeing dependable functionality and durability

Advanced smart sensor technology for every application

Smart sensor technology plays an integral role across numerous industries. These sensors function without contact, offering wear-free operation and resistance to contamination. We cater to our clients’ diverse applications by offering resolvers, converters, and encoders that fulfill the most demanding requirements. With our engineering expertise, we can always find answers to questions concerning special use cases and new areas of application.

More than just magnets

Compelling reasons to choose BOMATEC

You can count on our expertise in manufacturing permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. We embrace innovative materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring our products are of the highest quality.


Swiss quality assurance

The quality of all our products is consistently ensured through our advanced testing laboratories and measuring machine parks around the globe.


Economic efficiency

Economic efficiency is a cornerstone of our approach. We meticulously consider cost-effectiveness at every stage of development and production, ensuring that our solutions are not only advanced but also economically viable for our clients.


Proven experience

Our years of market experience mean we understand what our customers need, and we've tailored our products to meet these specific requirements.

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