High performance with low losses

Soft magnetic composites, SMC

Soft magnetic composite material, SMC, has unique 3D magnetic flux properties. It was developed for the production of components for electromagnetic applications and offers high performance and low losses.

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Iron powder particles

Coated with an electrically insulating layer


Ideal for electromagnetic applications

Soft magnetic composites have unique 3D flux properties. This is why they are especially suitable for the production of components used in electromagnetic applications. In many cases they are a substitute for traditional electrical sheets to produce more complex shapes. SMCs are designed for efficient serial production at low cost, utilizing a combination of soft magnetic composite technology and powder metallurgy.

Application Fields




Compact design


High performance


A choice of different qualities

Iron powder particles are compressed by powder metallurgy into complex shapes and coated with an electrically insulating layer. This makes it possible to produce more complex shapes. The magnetic flux can be directed more specifically and concentrated, resulting in a higher performance or a more compact design. BΟΜΑΤEC offers three material categories:

  • Somaloy 1P: Base material
  • Somaloy 3P: improved mechanical strength and increased permeability
  • Somaloy 5P: minimal magnetic losses


Soft magnetic composites, SMC

After the compression moulding followed by heat treatment, the components are ready for the fitting of the magnets.



We offer three categories of materials for processing, each varying in suitability depending on the requirements of the end product.


What the soft magnetic composite material can do

All technical data can be found in the data sheets. 27022024_SMC_Datasheet2024W.png 2024-02-26_14-08-59.png

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