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We are passionate about what we do. Our passion drives us to continually rethink and redefine the norms. We constantly explore how to enhance our processes – from reducing eddy current losses and revolutionizing adhesive techniques to optimizing materials. This relentless pursuit leads to breakthrough innovations, providing our clients with a competitive edge in the market.

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Innovations that propel you forward

How do innovations emerge at BOMATEC?

Curiosity is certainly a hallmark of our approach. What else contributes? Our proven expertise in engineering and market knowledge, blending theory with practice, makes all the difference. Our eagerness to enthusiastically embrace and solve our clients’ technical challenges sets us apart. Collaborating with universities and research institutions, we achieve innovations that propel our customers forward.

Transforming problems into innovations

How BOMATEC turns ideas into reality

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, or there’s room for improvement. Let’s talk about it! With our engineering expertise, market knowledge, and partnerships with universities, we discover new solutions – ones that neither our clients nor we had previously imagined.


Enhanced performance at significantly lower cost

In all high-speed and high-performance electric machines, the generation of eddy currents in the magnet mass is a major cause of heat production and losses. We have developed a new magnet design that significantly reduces these eddy current losses.

Innovations through collaboration

Realizing shared visions

Cutting-edge scientific approaches often emerge from research in universities and higher education institutions. That’s why BOMATEC collaborates closely with the University of Flensburg, focusing on renewable energies and sustainable development. This partnership provides us with continuous opportunities for development and an environment to advance research in this field.

Fueled by this partnership, BOMATEC consistently achieves groundbreaking innovations. For instance, SNAKELINE: a streamlined production technology that eliminates the need for magnet laminating, thus making production more cost-efficient. Or the development of bespoke software: a refined calculation tool for eddy current losses that operates much faster than standard market tools. These are tangible, significant advancements that deliver real value to both our operations and our customers.

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Success through collaboration

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