Where challenges become solutions

Together with our clients, we look ahead to the future and innovate: crafting new material compositions for magnets, designing novel assembly structures, pioneering methods for reducing eddy currents, and developing adhesive techniques for magnets. We’re excited to do the same for you!

Individual Solutions

Market knowledge meets performance

The future of magnet technology

We don’t just produce and supply magnets; we create solutions that span material selection, production, and engineering processes. Our work empowers clients across various sectors – automotive, e-mobility, renewable energies, medical technology, smart factory – to achieve market success. This approach positions us as a benchmark in the development of high-tech magnets and magnet systems.

30 years of excellence

Bespoke solutions for your applications

The real questions are: Can it be done better? Faster? More cost-effectively? We have the answers. For example, to the question of how to enhance performance while boosting cost efficiency. And we demonstrate how our expertise, quality, and technical know-how can be applied across different sectors: from automotive, e-mobility, medical technology, smart factory, and more.

A Comprehensive Approach

Reducing eddy current losses

How can the losses in electric drive systems be minimized? This question is a key concern for our customers. We explore alternatives to the magnetic materials currently in use and fundamentally rethink the system’s design.

Magnets across industry boundaries
tailored excellence

Magnets across industry boundaries

For over 30 years, our goal has been to deliver more than just magnets – we create solutions. While standard magnets may offer sufficient performance, we aim higher: for intelligent solutions that enhance every aspect, from materials and production to engineering processes.

With laboratories at each of our production sites, we ensure a level of quality essential in sensitive industries. And with pre-shipping quality checks, we achieve a delivery speed that impresses our clients. This approach helps you achieve market success across a diverse range of markets.

Create success stories!

Christoph Bolliger


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