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Reducing eddy current losses

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New approaches / eddy current reduction

Following the same old methods yields the same old results. True innovation emerges when we think outside the box, view requirements from the customer’s perspective, and seek pragmatic solutions. This is exactly what BOMATEC does in reducing eddy current losses.


Effectively reducing eddy current losses

The issue of eddy current losses is a major concern for those dealing with electrical machines, especially in the electrification of drives in high-performance motors. There are two fundamental questions that need addressing:


How can the losses in the electric drive system be minimized?


What magnetic materials can be utilized, and what designs can be effectively employed?

Our motor is overheating or has burned out. We need a better magnet that generates fewer losses.

These scenarios highlight the challenges our clients face and underline the importance of our innovative solutions in this field.


Precise but time-consuming

Typically, we receive limited preliminary information from our clients, such as magnet geometry, coating, and material, with no details about the motor itself.

If deemed appropriate, we could employ standard Finite Element Method (FEM) techniques for loss calculation:

  • Static isolated 3D-FEM Analysis (Simulia/Opera);
  • 2D-FEM Analysis (FEMAG-AMELA);
  • 3D-FEM Cosimulation (Ansys)

These are highly accurate methods, but they require access to specialized tools, expertise for proper operation and utilization, and significant time for calculations, sometimes spanning several days.


Fast and practical

For cases where time for a full FEM simulation is not available, BOMATEC has crafted a pragmatic approach:


The client needs a feasible solution, taking into account costs and delivery times, and requiring a proposal. BOMATEC facilitates this with a 2D analysis. We need one working day to design a SNAKELINE or laminated magnet, including drawing. The outcome is documented in the ERP system, and a request is sent to the magnet supplier.


Based on the technical specifications of the magnet and its cost, the client can decide on the next steps:

Yes – SNAKELINE or laminated magnets are a viable solution, or No – The effort is not worthwhile


If the client decides positively, we initiate a sampling process. Alternatively, we can create a detailed calculation based on FEM calculations.


What’s in it for you?

We merge diverse expertise and approaches, combining the theoretical and practical knowledge of an industrial user with scientific research. The result: a clear understanding of the possibilities for eddy current reduction in your application and cost savings.

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Volker Quast

Head of Engineering

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Focus on design and magnetic materials

Our solutions are integrated early in the development process of the electrical machine, ideally during the concept phase. This is when magnets and magnet systems are defined, before the final design of the machine is determined. Our knowledge and experience with magnets, magnet systems, and engineering enable us to deliver the best possible outcomes in both the development process and realization – considering both technical-functional aspects and budget implications.