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Enhancing efficiency in segmented magnets

Our focus is crystal clear: to refine existing technologies and discover new approaches with innovative solutions. The challenge of reducing eddy currents in high-performance electric motors is a frequent concern for us. Laminated magnets or segment magnets serve a defined purpose: They help to improve motor efficiency, reduce heat development, and extend the motor’s lifespan.


There’s more to them

BOMATEC is wholeheartedly committed to the optimization of electrical machines. Simply sticking to old ways isn’t enough for us. We ask questions that lead to answers through extensive know-how and effort. These answers then lead us to robust solutions – providing direct benefits for our customers.


Are segmented magnets the optimal solution for this specific application?


Can we make further improvements?


What’s the benefit for you?

By reducing the thickness and consequently the volume of the adhesive layer in segmented magnets, we can increase the amount of magnetic material. This reduction allows the segmented magnet to maintain its external dimensions while enhancing its magnetic moment. The result is an increased motor performance, even when the dimensions of the electrically active components, the rotor and stator, remain unchanged.

Adhesive Connections

As thin as possible

BOMATEC, in collaboration with research institutions, has long been working on the problem of reducing eddy currents. One of our solutions is SNAKELINE, an innovation that has achieved impressive results. However, there are cases where SNAKELINE isn’t the best option, and this is where segmented magnets come into play. Here too, we have a solution.


In the BOMATEC prototype workshop, we precisely define the requirements for the adhesive’s strength and other critical conditions. We then tailor the adhesive to these specifications. Robotic technology enables us to precisely dose and position the adhesive.


Under certain conditions and manufacturing requirements – such as automation, personalization, testing, etc. – adhesive bonds can be replicated.


Our research into adhesive connections has led to a significant discovery: By carefully reducing the thickness of the adhesive layer, we notably boost the magnet’s efficiency, which in turn enhances the overall performance of the motor.

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Volker Quast

Head of Engineering

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