More heat resistant than NdFeB magnets

Sintered SmCo magnets

SmCo magnets have higher temperature and corrosion resistance than NdFeB magnets. For magnetization a higher magnetic field is required. They are a little more brittle to handle. Coatings are usually not necessary, allowing for a smaller air gap.

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Samarium cobalt (SmCo5 and Sm2Co17)


Versatile, see data sheet


First choice for very high temperatures

Although NdFeB magnets undoubtedly have advantages, SmCo magnets are unbeatable in three areas: The most significant benefit is temperature resistance, which can reach up to 550°C in certain applications. Additionally, they have a low temperature coefficient and are corrosion-resistant, usually requiring no coating.


High temperature resistance




Can be used in demagnetized fields


Often more competitive than neodymium magnets

SmCo and NdFeB magnets are high-energy magnets. SmCo magnets are made from the rare earth elements samarium and cobalt, with additional allowing elements like iron, copper and zirconium influencing their product properties. While SmCo magnets are far less commonly used than NdFeB magnets, they are significantly more competitive in several aspects. They have higher temperature resistance, are largely corrosion-resistant and resilient against demagnetization. In short, wherever very strong magnetic fields are required under extreme temperature conditions, SmCo magnets are the go-to choice.

Chemical Resistance

Largely Resistant


Uric acid < 10%

Engine oil

Organic solvents

Alkaline acids

Conditionally Resistant

Uric acid > 10%

Not Resistant

Inorganic acids

Saline solutions

Salts in aqueous solution

Hydrogen gas


Sintered SmCo magnets

SmCo magnets made from the rare earth elements samarium and cobalt undergo the same production process as magnets made from NdFeB. They are sintered.



SmCo magnets are less popular than NdFeB magnets. They are heavier, extremely brittle and have a lower level of magnetization.


What the sintered SmCo magnet can do

Sintered SmCo magnets outperform comparable NdFeB magnets in terms of temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

SmCo5 sintered


Sm2Co17 sintered


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