Thermally stable and corrosion-resistant

Sintered AlNiCo magnets

Sintered AlNiCo magnets are known for their high thermal stability and good corrosion resistance. The variety of technical properties depending on composition, shape and size make them a favorite with a wide range of applications.

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Aluminum, nickel, cobalt,


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Versatile range of shapes


Versatile favorites: sintered AlNiCo magnets

Sintered AlNiCo magnets, composed of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, stand out for their diverse technical properties. They offer high magnetic performance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. Combined with their versatile range of shapes, they find a wide range of applications across various industries.

Application Fields




High magnetic performance and remanence


Considerable thermal stability


Wide range of possible applications


The right magnet for your application

The magnets are made from an alloy of aluminum, nickel and cobalt. In addition to the well-known benefits of temperature resistance and high magnetic performance, they are particularly characterized by their high level of adaptability to fit complex shapes, high magnetic remanence – crucial for use in sensors – and corrosion resistance.

Chemical Resistance

Largely Resistant



Engine oil

Organic solvents

Conditionally Resistant

Acetic acid

Tannic acid

Uric acid < 10%

Sodium carbonate

Not Resistant

Inorganic acids

Salts in aqueous solution

Tartaric acid

Citric acid


Sintered magnets

Sintering is a manufacturing process for permanent magnets. It involves compacting fine AlNiCo powder at high temperatures and under high pressure.



Sintered AlNiCo magnets have their limitations. Compared to cast AlNiCo magnets, their magnetic performance is higher, but they are more brittle. When compared with neodymium magnets, AlNiCo magnets fall behind in terms of performance strength.

Technical Data

What the sintered AlNiCo magnet can do

The choice of sintered AlNiCo magnets depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the required magnetic performance, the shape of the magnet and the operating temperature.

AlNiCo sintered, isotropic


AlNiCo sintered, anisotropic


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