Assembly with quadruple performance

Water pump for automotive sector

With technical expertise and innovative ideas, we make it possible to significantly improve the performance of the previously used water pump. Maximum rotor performance with unique Swiss quality.

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Water pump at full power

Maximum performance while utilizing the existing design, simultaneously using the rotor as an impeller: not an easy task that our customer faced with his water pump. By changing the magnetization, positioning it in the rotor and sealing it against contact with water, our engineering team succeeded in finding a solution.


Quadruple performance


Utilizing existing design


Magnets installed per rotor


Engineering at its best

The customer's specifications were implemented with pinpoint accuracy. The replacement of the magnet material, sintered NdFeB instead of the previously used hard ferrite, and the 8-pole magnetization of the rotor quadruple the performance. Pockets for positioning the block magnets are integrated into the rotor. The rotor was utilized as the driving force. A second injection molding process is conducted to seal the rotor and protect it against water exposure.

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Volker Quast

Head of Engineering

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