Suppression of interference in electrical conductors

Ferrite cores

Soft magnetic ferrites are divided into the two material groups Mn-Zn ferrite cores and Ni-Zn ferrite cores. They are characterized by their high magnetic permeability, while also serving as electrical insulators. They are used for the suppression of electromagnetic interference in electrical conductors.

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For information on magnetic flux, see our data sheets.


High insulating properties

The field lines of the magnetic field try to run through the magnetically conducting ferrite. However, due to the electrically insulating properties, they do not cause eddy currents, meaning that the ferrite core absorbs surrounding electromagnetic waves. Disturbing interfering signals are minimized. In industrial electrical engineering this is advantageous, because the conductors are often numerous and close to one another. They conduct currents at high frequencies and therefore run the risk of inductive effects.

Application Fields



High magnetic permeability


Electrically insulating


Different possible uses

Mn-Zn ferrite cores are used in switch-mode power supplies, chokes, common-mode noise filters, communication pulse transformers, inverters, converters, etc. Ni-Zn ferrite cores can be divided into two groups. One group is used mainly in electrical and electronic circuits and the other for EMI suppression. Cores for use in electronic circuits are available in different material specifications and geometries for a wide range of applications.


Shape corresponds to application

Ferrite cores consist of ferrites. They can take a wide range of shapes. Ferrite rods are the simplest shape, supplemented by ferrite rings, snap ferrites and SMD ferrites.



We will help you to make the right choice

Ferrite cores are the method of choice in electronic applications. However, constraints such as temperature and frequency dependency, as well as considerations of cost, weight and size, might lead you to opt for other BOMATEC products. We are always available to offer guidance and advice in making the best choice for your needs.


What ferrite core magnet can do

BOMATEC offers ferrite cores in a range of shapes and materials. Technical data can be found in our data sheets.

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