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R/D converters

An R/D converter or digital-analog converter IC is essential in electronic systems. The R/D converter is robust and converts signals precisely. Thanks to high bandwidth and temperature resistance, demanding applications are not a problem.

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Impressive sensor

The Smartcoder is an R/D converter IC, developed by Tamagawa, that converts resolver signals reliably and precisely into digital position angle signals. The Smartcoder stands out with its autonomous error detection and self-testing capabilities, with precision, high rotational speed and low costs. In combination with (VR) resolvers, it becomes incredibly versatile in application.

Application Fields

Machine tools


Error detection function


Integrated self-test


Parallel connection to resolvers


Obligatory Smartcoder

Model range AU6805 is available from BOMATEC. The Smartcoder performs the R/D conversion, based on a proven digital tracking system. The model is compact, small and comparatively light. Its autonomous error detection is worth mentioning: The sensor detects abnormal and interrupted resolver signals as well as unusual R/D conversions and high IC temperatures. Modern converters like this one offer high configurability to meet the specific requirements of a range of applications. Typical areas of use are vehicles, robots and machine tool applications. Its outstanding characteristics make the Smartcoder an important element.



The choice of model is determined by the nature and requirements of the respective application. A range of features, detailed specifications and technical data can be found in the catalog.

Technical Data

Detailed insight into the Smartcoder

The propterties of Tamagawa's Smartcoder are determined by two types: the General-Purpose Type and the High-Performance Type. Their technical specifications vary, ranging from significantly to moderately different.

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