Huge variety of shapes

Plastic-bonded NdFeB magnets

Injected or pressed plastic-bonded NdFeB magnets stand out, particularly for their versatile shapinig possibilities, coupled with the material properties of their rare-earth elements. BOMATEC not only supplies injected magnets but also complete assemblies.

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Technical Data


Neodymium, iron, boron, binding agents such as polyamide 11, 12 or PPS

Plastic-bonded, injected or pressed

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Plastic-bonded magnets, injected or pressed

The magnetic compound is mixed from neodymium, iron, boron and a plastic granulate. The magnetic properties are determined by the proportion of rare-earth elements and the plastic used. Further processed in the injection molding process, a huge variety of shapes can be achieved, with very narrow tolerances. When processed through pressing, the magnet contains a higher proportion of NdFeB powder. As a result, higher magnetic properties are achieved than with injected neodymium magnets.


Huge variety of shapes


Insert parts such as bushings and shafts can be overmolded directly


No further processing necessary


Many shapes and levels of magnetization possible

Plastic-bonded NdFeB magnets offer a significantly higher magnetic performance compared to hard ferrites. This allows for much smaller and complex system configurations. Along with their complex shaping possibilites, they are mechanically durable, and their magnetization can be freely selected.

Chemical Resistance

Largely Resistant

Motor oil

Organic solvents

Conditionally Resistant

Uric acid < 10%

Not Resistant

Uric acid

Salts in aqueous solution

Acids and alkalis

Sea water


Combined advantages

Plastic-bonded NdFeB magnets, created through the injection molding process, combine all the benefits of pure plastic injection molding with the fourth dimension – magnetism.



The resistance to acids and alkalis depends on the plastic used. This needs to be checked for each specific application. Rare-earth magnets must be magnetized after the injection molding process using suitable magnetizing coils.


What the plastic-bonded, injected NdFeB magnet can do

Plastic-bonded NdFeB magnets can be produced either by injection molding or pressing. This has an impact on their magnetization properties and the variety of shapes.

Bonded NdFeB compressed, isotropic


NdFeB injection molded, isotropic


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