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BOMATEC offers both digital and analog rotary measurement sensors. Various types of encoders with low to high resolution are available to meet all needs.

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Incremental and absolute encoders are available, as single-turn and multi-turn encoders. Both solutions guarantee precise determination of speed, position, direction and angle of rotation, a robust design and high resolution. They can be integrated into various control systems and are a true all-rounder.

Application Fields

Medical Technology


Factory automation


High resolution


Wide range of product types


Easy integration in control systems


Not one, but two reliable all-rounders

Incremental encoders: Incremental encoders generate pulses with a frequency proportional to the rotational speed. They are used for rotational speed control, position control, as a rotation indicator or as a pulse generator for servo motors in machine tools, robots or measurement devices. Output signals are two digital or analog signals; A-Phase and B-Phase. These are used to detect the direction of rotation. Z-Phase is used as reference and for servo-motor application. U, V and W signals are available.

Absolute encoders: Absolute encoders convert the absolute value into rotation angles. They are used for the position control of servo motors in machine tools or robots. Absolute encoders are available as single-turn or multi-turn encoders.



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Incremental encoders and absolute encoders each have different properties that can be advantageous or disadvantageous for integration in different applications. Further information can be found in the data sheets, catalogs or directly from our experts.

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