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Sensor magnets

As a recommended supplier of various manufacturers we supply our customers with the excellent sensor magnets used in position sensors. Sensor magnets are variable in their type of magnetization, their materials and their areas of application.

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NdFeB, plasto-ferrit

Sintered, plastic-injected or plastic-pressed

Axial, axial multipole, diametrical

Disc magnet, ring magnet


First-class sensor magnets

The sensor magnets are distinguished by their reliable angular accuracy with intelligent position sensors. Magnetic sensors enable first-class position detection. Thanks to their resistance to external 5scattered magnetic fields, sensor magnets are extremely resilient and cost-effective. Convenient for our customers: We have all sensor magnets in stock from Höri. They can be ordered and delivered at any time.


Available from stock


Highly resilient


BOMATEC is a recommended ams supplier


Sensor magnets in detail

For the coating of the sensor magnets, several variants are possible. Due to the position detection in demanding applications, they are suitable, for example, for use in e-bikes, transmissions, robot joints and grippers, servo motors, power-assisted steering in the automotive sector and many other applications.


Variable processing

Depending on the material and quality requirements, sensor magnets are sintered, plastic-injected or plastic-pressed.



Complete trust

We have been working with ams OSRAM for more than 15 years, are a listed partner and recommended component supplier.

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Facts and figures

Magnetic properties

The extensive sensor magnet product range offers the advantage of having precisely the right product for your specific application. Comprehensive technical information can be found here. 2024-02-22_18-40-46.png to the data sheets and drawings

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