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Resolvers are instruments used to determine the angle, position, speed and pole in motors. Our resolvers are robust, versatile and can be used in a wide temperature range from -40° to +150°C.

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Resolvers and reluctance resolvers

Our brushless resolvers and brushless synchros are the first choice for high-precision feedback to determine the position, speed and pole of motors. Their simple design makes them extremely environment resistant compared to other sensors. The reluctance resolver from Tamagawa is ultra thin and can be installed in the smallest of spaces.




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Resolvers and synchros – first-class products

When used as angle sensors, our brushless resolvers and synchros convert the angle of rotation into two-phase AC voltage (analog signals). Multipolarization is possible. Due to their excellent resilience against harsh environmental conditions, our resolvers are used in a wide range of applications, including motors, machine tools and robots in steel factories. This adaptability stems from their simple design with only one iron core and a coil, their ability to operate across broad temperature ranges, high rotational speed and precise position detection. Our ultra-thin reluctance resolver, the Singlsyn from Tamagawa, is very reliable in conditions of high temperatures, vibrations and shocks.



To ensure flawless operation, it is important to consider the physical limitations when integrating resolvers into your application. Our experts will be pleased to provide you with advice.

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We offer resolvers of various types. Detailed information on their applications can be found in our catalogs.

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