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Competitive Advantage Through Our Labs

Globally consistent quality

BOMATEC maintains mirrored, identically equipped laboratories in Switzerland, China, and Malaysia. Each item undergoes testing according to a defined plan, supported by our CAQ system, and results are meticulously documented in reports.


Thoroughly tested

In all our production sites and labs, we conduct identical product tests at the highest level using state-of-the-art testing equipment. For every batch/lot, we generate customer-specific test reports. Your advantage: Each delivery comes with a corresponding acceptance test certificate or factory certificate according to DIN EN 10204 3.1 or 2.1.


Highly digitalized

Our advanced digitalization of all processes allows for comprehensive assessment of products at both material and performance levels, tailored to customer needs. This coordinated approach in our supply chain accelerates and secures processes, aligning with our customer-first philosophy.


Smart investments

Our investment in testing laboratories offers a significant competitive advantage – for us and our customers. Quality planning is carried out for each product, from project inception to series release following VDA/AIAG standards. Our strategic approach in equipping all our production facilities with identical lab equipment and software streamlines our operations worldwide. This unified methodology ensures that, regardless of location, our customers receive products of assured, tested quality.

Highest Standards

State-of-the-art laboratories

The equipment and standardized testing of products in our laboratories guarantee compliance with the latest standards. This ensures the reliability of the guaranteed BOMATEC quality. BOMATEC (China) is responsible for quality assurance, housing one of our three mirrored labs, identical to those in Switzerland and Malaysia. Comparative measurements can be conducted at any time. Our certification according to ISO 9001:2015, accredited by TÜV Rheinland, is renewed annually.


Continuous improvement at all levels


Quality planning per VDA/AIAG


Modern management system

“We invest heavily in our supply chain to ensure we deliver top-quality products and seamless support to our customers. That’s our promise to you.”

Carsten Weidner, Key Account Manager BOMATEC AG

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Tested BOMATEC quality

Outstanding quality

Our globally uniform labs guarantee consistent, distinctive, and comparable quality levels. Each item undergoes tests as per a defined plan, archived in the CAQ. Traceability from raw material to finished product is ensured every step of the way. Statistics and CAQ software aid in monitoring and reporting.

Geometric testing

We conduct length measurements, shape and position tolerances, free-form measurement, contour comparisons (target/actual), gear measurements, and CAD dataset comparisons. Our highlights include 3D coordinate measuring machines, optical measuring projectors for fast, non-contact measurement, digital microscopes, and the use of statistical and CAQ software for monitoring and reporting.

Magnetic testing

Hysteresis graphs are used to measure magnetic characteristics of material samples within a temperature range of +20°C to +200°C. Additionally, our HyMPulse systems enable the measurement of magnetic characteristics of materials with very high HcJ values, perform tests at temperatures as low as –40°C, and allow for direct measurements on finished magnets. We use 3D magnetic field scanners for measuring magnetic flux density B and Helmholtz coils for measuring magnetic dipole moments and the angle of magnetization or anisotropy.

Environmental simulations and material testing

In this area, our capabilities are extensive: climate chambers, stress tests in temperature and thermal shock chambers, and salt spray fog testing. HAST (High Accelerated Stress Test) and PCT (Pressure Cooker Test) are among the tests used for coating examinations or for determining the corrosion stability of sintered NdFeB magnets.

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