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A worthwhile investment: quality and supplier management

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Interconnected Processes

Optimized supplier management in three steps

A key foundation of our success is the significant emphasis on quality and supplier management that tolerates no exceptions. This approach has been instrumental in establishing BOMATEC as a technology leader in the field of magnets and magnet systems. From the outset, we focus on optimized and closely interconnected processes. All our suppliers are required to undergo the stages of evaluation, qualification, and development: a pathway to ensure a perfect product.



Ensuring the highest standards for our clients begins with a meticulous personal pre-selection of potential suppliers. This process is fundamental in delivering what customers expect from BOMATEC as their technology partner: advanced technology, quality, delivery reliability, and support. Supplier approval is based on clearly defined standards and potential analyses or audits according to VDA6.3.



Utilizing the data from our ERP and CAQ systems, along with additional information, we conduct supplier qualification and appropriate classification. This qualification is performed annually to assess whether all standards are maintained or, alternatively, to seek more suitable suppliers. This rigorous scrutiny is how we ensure consistent quality for our customers.



Every year, our quality management team subjects all relevant suppliers to a VDA 6.3 audit. The actions resulting from these audits are closely monitored, leading to ongoing improvements among our suppliers. We place great importance on personal contact with our suppliers at various levels, including management, project management, procurement, engineering, and quality management. This approach is an integral part of our operation, ensuring strong, effective partnerships.

“Die abgestimmte Supply Chain inklusive BOMATEC-eigenem Lager an unseren Standorten weltweit sowie die Wahl der richtigen Lieferanten führt zu einer Beschleunigung und Absicherung der Prozesse.”


Safely Certified

Management systems aligned with international standards

We maintain management systems in line with international standards, tailored to the specific requirements of each location and supplier. This guarantees a regulated, monitored, and standardized application of our processes.


ISO 9001

All BOMATEC business divisions and BOMATEC suppliers must be ISO 9001-certified.


IATF 16949

All BOMATEC business divisions with their own production and suppliers serving automotive customers are certified according to IATF 16949.


ISO 14001

All BOMATEC business divisions with their own production and all suppliers are certified according to ISO 14001.

“We invest heavily in our supply chain to ensure we deliver top-quality products and seamless support to our customers. That’s our promise to you.”

Carsten Weidner, Key Account Manager BOMATEC AG

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Focused on quality and the environment

High standards

Across all levels, we conduct risk analyses, emergency planning, ongoing evaluation, and continuous improvement of processes. Our focus encompasses environmental concerns such as CO2 footprint, GHG reduction, recycling, as well as supplier management and control of the entire supply chain.

Secure processes

We ensure the best possible quality for our customers along the entire value chain. All our processes are highly automated, and our global locations are closely interconnected through systems like ERP, CAQ, and DMS. Optimal supplier management, along with meticulous production planning and control at our manufacturing sites, guarantee the highest standards of reliability.

Quality from the start

From the onset of each project, we meticulously plan the quality of our products: this includes feasibility studies, technical consulting, and preliminary engineering. This is followed by quality planning according to VDA or APQP, including Control Plans and PFMEA. Sampling and subsequent approval for mass production are carried out in accordance with VDA or PPAP standards. Each batch/lot undergoes thorough inspection, for which we issue test certificates according to EN 10204-3.1 or 2.1. Finally, we ensure delivery to our customers on the agreed date and in the desired packaging.

Our support

Even after delivery, we continue to support you with product and process optimization, supply chain management, complaint handling according to 8D, disposal, recycling, material data (MDS/MSDS), and more.

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Martin Hauri

Head of Quality Management

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