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Maintaining a clear overview: project management

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Central interface for your requirements

Sometimes, the inquiries we receive from our clients are straightforward. However, very often they are highly complex, involving numerous process steps. In every scenario, BOMATEC's Project Management keeps a clear overview: from proposals and pricing to technical feasibility and challenging specifications, to availability. The tangible value we offer to you is evident.



Profound technical know-how, engineers who are experts in their field and understand your market: This deep understanding of your requirements is what sets our project management apart. You don’t need to explain much to your contacts; this often leads to the identification of opportunities at the outset of a project that may not have been previously considered. Additionally, improvement potentials can be directly simulated and evaluated with the engineering team.


Swiss flexibility

In every project, we exhibit as much flexibility as possible. Magnets can be sourced through BOMATEC Switzerland or BOMATEC China, and where it makes sense, directly from our factory in China. Each project begins with a technical feasibility check, test planning (APQP), and, if desired, PPA/PPAP validation (according to VDA/AIAG). In preparation for production, tightly managed by our project management team, numerous options become available: order coordination (including EDI and customer portals), flexible delivery options (consolidated delivery; DAP; just-in-time delivery, Kanban, etc.), and comprehensive logistics services (consignment warehousing, safety stocks).


BOMATEC worldwide

We invest considerable effort in our global branches because we believe that a shared understanding of the product, processes, and quality can lead to compelling results. This approach extends to our QM, ERP, and CAQ systems, audits, and certifications across all our production sites. Identically equipped laboratories exist at all locations, conducting planned tests as dictated by the CAQ system. To address issues more efficiently and directly at the factory, we have our own staff on-site, whether in China or Malaysia.

“We invest heavily in our supply chain. This enables us to guarantee our customers high quality and seamless support. That is our promise to you.”

Carsten Weidner, Key Account Manager BOMATEC AG


As simple as possible

We view the coordination and management of projects as dynamic processes that require flexibility. Changes need to be quickly recognized and implemented. Here, BOMATEC responds as swiftly as our customers often have to. With our essential processes, we integrate seamlessly into our customers’ workflows. And we enable one thing for them: success.

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Further questions? Talk to an expert!

Robert Bracchi

Project Manager

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