Perfect logistics make the difference

Only perfection is good enough, especially when it comes to logistics and the precise delivery of goods to our customers. It is essential that we keep a close eye on the entire supply chain and monitor the complete process with our inventory management system. The solutions we offer are as unique as our customers themselves.


Direct delivery – verified quality

Our customers receive direct deliveries as needed, worldwide. It’s irrelevant whether the goods originate from our facility in Malaysia or a supplier in China. Thanks to our identically equipped laboratories at all production sites, products are already tested and documented before they embark on their journey.


Just in time

Naturally, we deliver precisely at the time you specify, tailored to your requirements and to the desired location. Packaged according to your preferences, in your batch sizes, and in your trays, ensuring seamless integration into your production process without any interruptions.


Consignment warehousing

This offers a convenient way to access the needed goods. Whether you choose to set up this warehouse internally within your company or externally, we provide consultation and organization services for you. The material, quality-checked and equipped with the relevant certificates, is kept in stock and available at all times. This ensures the highest level of supply security and reduces the administrative effort involved.


Effortless processing

Our logistics services are designed to offer you every possibility: packaging as per your specifications, repacking, just-in-time delivery, or consignment warehousing. If desired, we can manage logistics on your behalf. With safety stocks in Switzerland, we ensure the smooth operation of your production. Regardless of how the goods are delivered to you, we guarantee precise timing and verified quality in every shipment.

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Dardan Kolgeci

Head of Logistics

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