Birmingham / September 03, 2023

Recap of REPM 2023 in Birmingham


Insights into the latest developments and research in magnet technology

REPM Birmingham, which opened its doors on September 3, was a thrilling event for BOMATEC. Our commitment to magnet technology necessitates constant interaction with key players in the field. The conference provided an ideal platform for our experienced staff member, Philippe Scheuber.

REPM Birmingham has a rich history, first established in 1976. Its primary goal is to bring together scientists and engineers involved in rare-earth permanent magnets and their applications. The event aims to facilitate the exchange of current knowledge and ideas on topics such as raw materials, resources, processing, and properties of rare-earth and future permanent magnets.

Our expectations were fully met. Not only were there intriguing presentations providing valuable insights into the latest developments and research in magnet technology, but we also had personal discussions with leading experts and colleagues in our field. We are confident that the insights and relationships gained at REPM will help us continuously improve our products and services for our customers.